5,090 Miles: Northern Ireland’s Unused Clothes

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Laid end to end, the unused clothes of Northern Irish wardrobes are enough to stretch from Derry to Los Angeles

South Bank Market and unused clothes image by John Gomez (via Shutterstock).

Car boot sales and vintage markets are a common place for shifting your unused clothes, such as this one on the South Bank in London. Image by John Gomez (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes, our wardrobes are rammed full of clothes we no longer need. This may entail the suits we haven’t worn for the last decade, or the smart trousers we have neglected. Fighting your way through the wardrobe can be half the battle when finding a shirt for a night out. This week, we have learned about an inconvenient truth about our unused clothes.

Laid end to end, unused clothes from Northern Irish wardrobes alone are 5,090 miles in length. A Transatlantic flight’s worth of unworn suits, snubbed skirts, redundant waistcoats and neglected neckties. 17 million articles of unused clothes. According to Barnardos’ Northern Ireland director, Lynda Wilson, enough to go from Derry to Los Angeles.

Most people choose to offload their clobber at car boot sales, jumble sales or vintage markets, as well as charity shops. In Derry Now, Lynda Wilson said: “I’m astounded at the results of this poll. Those millions of unworn items could easily be converted into vital funds to help disadvantaged children and young people.

“…By having a spring clean and donating to your local Barnardo’s store, you’ll be making a huge difference to your wardrobe and to the lives of others.”

If you do have some clothing items you have forgotten about, yet want to wear again, a new wardrobe could be a good idea. Especially a bespoke one by A.D. Woodcraft. Whether you wish to solve the mystery of your disappearing socks or be reunited with a necktie, we shall do our utmost to deliver the goods.

A.D. Woodcraft, 26 April 2017.

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