Fitted Wardrobes


Custom Built in Wardrobe Designs


A wardrobe can be more than a place where you keep your clothes. It can be a key furniture piece in your bedroom. A wardrobe can complement or accentuate the rest of the decor in whatever way you want. With that in mind, think of how much you can do with a fitted wardrobe. All it takes is a carpenter with the skills and dedication to execute your vision. In Dublin, AD Woodcraft provides the perfect professionals when you want to get the most from a storage solution.

The company boasts some of the top fitted wardrobes Dublin has in store. We create bedroom furniture that represents the customer’s taste and requirements. Our licenced carpenters are well-versed in a host of wardrobe designs from classic to contemporary.

Our wooden wardrobes come in the highest quality materials. Oak wardrobes are some of our best sellers. AD Woodcraft has fitted wardrobes in various finishes. Whether you prefer the elegance of high gloss, natural wood or the sheen of a dark wood finish, we can deliver.

Fitting a Range of Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin

We know the perfect bedroom storage solution doesn’t mean the same to everyone. For that reason, we diversify our wardrobe collection as much as possible. You can get any kind of installation. For homeowners who like the grandeur of walk-in spaces, AD Woodcraft has some of the most creative built in wardrobes Dublin has to offer.

We make each piece individually made-to-measure to ensure that it blends in with the bedroom. If a sliding wardrobe is more your style, then expect a stunningly beautiful piece. Our carpenters are also knowledgeable about freestanding & walk in wardrobes with made to measure wardrobe doors. Get a storage solution that matches your personality and improves the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Why Fitted Wardrobes are Worth It

The beauty of custom-built wardrobes is that the pieces are based on individual requirements. Whether the furniture has many shelves or a few drawers, a full-length mirror or a shoe rack all depends on you. Bespoke wardrobes can have any features you want, such as custom lighting, secret compartment or a built-in vanity table. Customers can expect the intelligent and efficient use of space.

We build the wardrobe around the available space as opposed to trying to fit a ready-made piece in a room. Fitted wardrobes are ideal when dealing with space constraints or an irregularly shaped bedroom. Alcove wardrobes are some of our specialities. Our talented carpenter design wardrobe doors with the rest of the room in mind, taking care to avoid space wastage.

Invest in some of the best-looking and durable fitted wardrobes Dublin provides with the masters in custom-built storage solutions.

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