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If you plan on buying bookcases in Ireland, consider buying bespoke. Bookcases are some of the most important pieces of furniture. They are not only functional but also decorative. You can use them to display art pieces and to accentuate the important features of your home. If you are a fan of reading, bookcases give you the chance to display your favourite books.

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We have compiled a few great ideas for our bespoke furniture and they include the following.

  • Use a Built-In Bookcase

This is a very simple bookcase idea that looks great. It does not require the use of any fancy wooden joints. It is so simple that you can do it without any help. All you need is some glue, nails, and screw. If you consult a professional, they may help you select the right material.

  • Cottage Shelf with Branches

Are you trying to add a rustic look and feel into your home? Consider a cottage shelf with branches. The secret to achieving the best look from this idea is finding the right branches. Use it support and screw it on a shelf.

  • Go All Black

Black can be a stunning colour for your bookcases especially if you use it as the only colour. Get the help of a professional bespoke carpenter to help you find the right material to achieve the look you desire.

  • Suspended Bookcases

Suspended bookcases are elegant and versatile. By using different materials, it is possible to achieve different results. Steel would be a great choice if you are looking for style and elegance. Use shaft collars that are strong enough to hold your case in place.

  • Floating Bookcases

This idea simply means creating your bookcases with supports that are not immediately visible so they look like they are floating. They are very easy to build, cheap, and they look great. Your bespoke carpenter can make these bookcases in no time and they only require two parts.

  • Spice it Up

Build your bookcase in a wall that features a pop of colour, other decorations, and entertainment mixes. Make it the entertainment centre of your home and use fun, festive colours. You should, however, be careful to ensure that the bookcase does not lose its functionality.

  • Over the Door Bookcases

If your home is small, consider building your bookcase over the door. Such bookcases give you the chance to add the height and depth of each case. They are simple and they look great.

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