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How bespoke bookcases can enhance your personal library

Personal library image by Pylypchuk (via Shutterstock).

Imagine your study with a bespoke bookcase by AD Woodcraft. Image by Pylypchuk (via Shutterstock).

Anyone can buy a bookcase from their usual store. Many designs are either similar to one another or lack the ability to support your personal library. The shelves could sag or the bookcase might not fit in with your living room properly. Sometimes the books can be wider than the shelves.

Your home and – most importantly – your personal library, deserves better. For seasoned readers, an off-the-shelf bookcase isn’t enough. There may be too few shelves, or each shelf is too lightweight. Awkward areas aren’t addressed properly. An off-the-shelf design could be too tall for houses with low ceilings. A bespoke design offers more flexibility.

A bespoke solution for bibliophiles

The good thing with bespoke designs is flexibility. An ability to work around awkward spaces, uneven walls and floors, and alcoves. Different woods and staining – recycled as well as freshly cut timber. Re-purposed pallets even.

We at A.D. Woodcraft know how passionate you feel about your poetry, prose, plays or memoirs. Or your reference books and study materials. A good bookcase or several good bookcases should be a suitable showcase for your personal library. Sturdiness is paramount, especially given the amount of thought, time, and money you have devoted to your collection.

For the living room, study, or bedroom

Whatever room or style you choose, A.D. Woodcraft will work with you from start to finish. We can work with a variety of wood types. For a free no-obligation quote, why not call us on 00 353 85 127 0371? Or you could send us an email addressed to info@adwoodcraft.com. Austin and his team will get back to you as soon as possible.

A.D. Woodcraft, 10 January 2017.

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