Wood Preparations Tips for Winter

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The worst enemy of wood is water, and that is why you have to protect and preserve your wood from the season’s damages. Water makes the wood swell, destroys buildings, furniture and makes their useful life shorter.

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Some of the damages include cracks, peeling, flaking, warping, rotting and blistering. Your wood needs TLC before winter sets in. Mould is also another wood-destroyer, and it affects wood real fast. Just a little frost and all areas of wood exposed by mould soon go into waste.

However, there is a way you can prevent all these effects of the disastrous weather. The best way to protect your wood is waterproofing. Our company has all types of products for protecting exterior wood during the winter months. Clever waterproof coatings are also available, and they are used to inhibit mould and at the same time, let wood breathe.

This blog post will give you all the best tips to protect your wood during winter.

Preparing Exterior Wood for Wood Preserver

Wood preservatives and treatment only penetrates the surface of wood if it is clean and dry. So you have to prepare your wood before the treatment. Majority of exterior wood just require thorough cleaning using soapy water and a cloth or brush. Ensure you rinse the surface and allow it to dry completely before you apply any wood treatment.

Mildew and dry rot – how do they look?

Mildew appears like some small black specks on wood’s surface. The only way to really know if your wood has been affected by mildew is by applying a small amount of bleach. If the dark spots lighten, it is mildew.

Dry rot loves moisture and can completely destroy wood. It is therefore advisable to have an annual inspection and checking for cracks, leaks, gaps or any unpainted sections on the exterior of your home.

How to Know if Your Wood is Wet

It is very simple because the wood will look and even feel wet. As for the horizontal and vertical surfaces of wooden furniture, they suffer in winter, but the horizontal surfaces require more maintenance compared to the vertical ones.

Best Wood Preserving Products

Our company has a wide range of choice ranging from high-quality exterior wood paint that comes in many colours to decking paint, wood stain and many more. The type of wood preservative you choose depends on the type of wood and the purpose.

Extra Tips on Making Your Wood Ready for Winter

  • You should check wooden window frames for any rotting or decaying, and if

affected you should consider repairing the window’s structure

  • If you have a home that is under trees, have them trimmed so that water does not

drip from them into your house

  • Inspect your deck, and check for decay, splinters, warping, and dirt. Clean it up

because the dirtier your deck is, the higher the risks of it suffering mould and


  • Ensure you clean and dry wooden furniture and cover it, or use a wood


  • Check the wooden rails of exterior stairs and ensure they are safe and secure

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