Custom Built Alcove Furniture

Furnishing a home with an alcove can be frustrating. Recessed spaces, which have awkward dimensions require well-designed storage solutions. You have to invest in alcove furniture to maximise on the available space fully. Fireplaces are popular in alcove rooms, but they are not your only options.

Alcove TV units and cabinets are practical ways to make those irregular dimensions work for you. AD Woodcraft is a partner you can trust in Dublin to deliver quality furniture for an alcove living room.

We have highly skilled, creative and passionate carpenters who can help you furnish a recessed space accordingly. Explain your vision to us, and we will work to get the best alcove units to fulfill it.

Wholesome Entertainment with Alcove TV Units

The best use for an alcove area is a custom TV setup. We can build a TV unit into the wall panelling, taking advantage of all the available space. You can tuck in all the cables behind the TV to reduce clutter. We create built in TV units with drawers for that extra storage space.

Alternatively, you can have just a simple stand, designed to fit into the recesses of a room. Our experienced carpenters can craft pieces to blend with any decor theme. Whether you want TV units in a traditional style, something modern or anything in between, we can build it.

Alcove Cabinets – The Ultimate Storage Solution

Are you wondering how to use that space between chimney breasts in your room? How about floating shelves? Display artwork, store books and framed photographs from these shelves. Alcove storage is our speciality, and we excel at it, ultimately resulting in extra storage for you.

Our bespoke alcove cupboards are bestsellers because they maximise space efficiently. You can have a cupboard at the bottom with shelves at the top for the best of both designs. Our wildly creative design team can complement your interior decor with lighting, internal shelving and detailing on cupboard doors.

The Appeal of Alcove Furniture

Why should you invest in custom made alcove pieces? By design, bespoke furniture is specific to your needs. Before designing a TV unit, cabinet or shelving, we consider the architecture of the room and your decoration requirements.

If we are fitting alcove shelving units, we ensure they occupy the available space intelligently. The attention to detail of custom furniture is not guaranteed with ready-made pieces. Our designs can be as intricate or as simple as you please. Additionally, we use superior standard materials like solid oak to deliver quality products.

Contact AD Woodcraft for the most stylish, durable and unique alcove units in Dublin.

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