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Are you looking for a new inframe kitchen? If so, AD Woodcraft is the place to go. We’re an award-winning company that designs and manufactures custom kitchens in Dublin, Ireland. Our team of designers and craftsmen work with our customers every step of the way to create their dream kitchen. From concept design through to installation, we make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

You can trust us because we have over 20 years of experience in the industry and are fully insured for your peace of mind. Our designers have been trained by the best in the business and we use only premium quality materials in our work.

When it comes to inframe kitchens in Dublin, no one knows more about it than us.

What is an Inframe Kitchen?

An inframe kitchen is a kitchen that is fitted into an existing house. It’s fixed to the walls in much the same way as other kitchens are – everything is built together, so it takes less space overall than if you were to have a separate kitchen built outside.

Inframe kitchen specialists will measure the kitchen carcass to find out how much space you have available. From there, they can work out how many units and appliances they can fit inside the inframe kitchen style of your choice.

As inframe kitchens are designed to conform perfectly with your home, it’s important that you choose an expert who will ensure every detail is taken care of – measurements, fittings.

They are typically used in older buildings where a conventional, freestanding kitchen can’t be built due to lack of space. They’re also commonly used by people who dislike the idea of having their lovely Victorian building knocked down and replaced with something new – they’d rather have everything look as though it’s always been there.

Common Inframe Kitchen Designs

The in frame design is a lot more flexible than you might expect – it can be made to accommodate any kitchen design other than one that’s truly outrageous. The only real requirement is that the width of your frame must match up with the required width of your new kitchen for it to fit perfectly.

Modern styles provide a simple and elegant look that can be adapted to suit most designs of the kitchen. A key area of an inframe kitchen are the cabinet doors, which are concealed within the frame, meaning that your worktops and walls look completely uninterrupted.

Inframe kitchens are available in a range of styles including shaker style cabinets with flat panelled doors, corner cabinets with angled cabinet edges, high gloss finishes and many more to suit almost any kitchen design.

Colour is an important factor when designing your kitchen – that’s why it’s so often the first thing you do. It can have a significant impact on how people perceive not just the room itself, but also its occupants and surroundings.

What Are The Benefits of an Inframe Kitchen?

An inframe kitchen is an exciting concept, but it has some other benefits too. For instance, you can create a much more flexible space than other types of kitchens because the walls and worktops are not fixed.

You also have the option of endless design possibilities as your kitchen can be tailored to your exact specifications.

As an inframe installation doesn’t require foundations, you save time and money on building works. The entire job can be completed much more quickly with the features such as kitchen cabinets, cabinets doors and wooden frames being built beforehand by a carpentry specialist like AD Woodcraft.

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