In Frame Kitchen Services in Dublin

What is an In Frame Kitchen?


In frame kitchens are instantly recognisable by their design and have a timeless, classic look and feel. When you typically fit in a kitchen door with what is commonly known as a “flat-pack” kitchen, the hinges for the doors are screwed into the actual chipboard itself. This could lead to problems later on with the door’s weight weakening the bond or the door dropping out of sync. With in frame kitchens, this won’t happen. The cabinet doors are actually positioned within a frame instead of being at the top. This means it is physically impossible for them to fall due to having no space available.

In the past, in-frame kitchens were extremely expensive and unaffordable for most people’s budgets. However, we are now seeing more affordable options in place which are widely more appealing.  We can offer a choice of inframe kitchen designs which include a foil wrapped, vinyl wrapped or painted MDF wrapped in-frame kitchen.

It is fairly easy to spot an inframe kitchen due to its distinctive design. It is often thought of as being the choice of distinguished people who want to be seen as having good judgement. These type of kitchens feature doors which are square-framed, matched with inset flat centre panels or the more traditionally detailed raised centre panels.

In Frame Kitchen Infographic

Benefits of In Frame Kitchens


In frame kitchens were considered to be old-fashioned, dating back to the time of World War II, where a perfect fit was made between a door and a surrounding wooden border. However, nowadays, they are making a comeback, thanks to the advancement in the high-pressure laminate technology used. If you are considering why you should choose to have an inframe kitchen or not, here are some benefits to help you make that decision:

  1. The Perfect Fit: There is a seamless installation of the custom made frame with the actual door. Screws in the hinges for the door are actually screwed into solid wood on both sides so there is less likely to be any weakening through the continual usage of the door. The frame will help hold the door firmly in position with a perfect fit so there is no need for adjustments to be made over time.
  2. The Long Lasting Effect: Since inframe kitchens use solid wood, more and more people are turning to use them in their kitchen designs since they are durable and will last longer than the more traditional cabinetry construction materials for creating the frames.
  3. The Better Quality of Material: The majority of inframe kitchens are built with solid wood or wood veneered MDF,  as opposed to manufactured wood.
  4. The Perfect Look: This is obviously subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but opting for an inframe kitchen is a practical and stylish choice for the more discerning customer. They are instantly recognisable by their design and conjure up images in the mind of traditional, time-served craftsmanship.

Are you looking for in frame kitchen services?


In Frame Kitchen ServicesWe offer quality in frame kitchen services in and around Dublin! A D Woodcraft are Dublin’s experts when it comes to bespoke kitchens and kitchen remodelling, designed to meet your bespoke requirements. Having been in business since 2011, we take time to understand your needs and offer a full carpentry service. We work with many domestic and commercial clients who choose us for our reliable, friendly service and technical expertise. Our installers and designers will guide you right from the beginning up until completion. Having modern kitchens fitted in your home normally equates to a lifestyle choice but it could also increase the value greatly.

Here at AD Woodcraft, you can choose from a wide range of stunning kitchen designs to make sure it’s the right kitchen design for you. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or modern style, we have the right kitchen services to match your needs. With a choice of colours and competitive prices, there is good reason to choose us for your kitchen remodelling project.

Contact A D Woodcraft for in frame kitchens in Dublin. Our various styles of in-frame kitchens have to be seen to be believed. Call us now for assistance on 085 127 0371 or email

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