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Bespoke Fitted Kitchens in Dublin from Experience Carpenters

AD Woodcraft is a leading kitchen specialist in Dublin. We offer bespoke fitted kitchens and a comprehensive range of design services to suit any taste or budget, with our expertise covering the full range from custom made designs tailored for you personally all the way down to affordable prices!

Planning Your Fitted Kitchen

After the initial consultation, we’ll produce a list of proposals to suit your kitchen design. Our fitted kitchens are made with high quality materials and workmanship, ensuring the longevity of our products for years to come.

Our fitted kitchens offer you customisation options that will transform any existing kitchen into a bespoke masterpiece. With careful consideration given to all aspects from textures, colours and finishes all of the highest standards.

Your kitchen is the nucleus of your home, don’t let it turn into a dreary room! This guide should help you to create a fitted kitchen that will be an area for relaxation and socialising. For further kitchen renovation options, see our inframe kitchens service for a completely new layout.

Choosing Your Dream Kitchen Design

It’s important to think carefully about your kitchen design. You have a lot of decisions to make so it pays off to prepare in advance. One of the main factors to consider is the kitchen space available. What is the layout of your kitchen and what are its dimensions?

The quantity, style and size of appliances will also influence the design you choose. Maybe it’s time to let go of that old fridge-freezer or dishwasher that has been in situ for too long!

Adding Style To Your New Kitchen

It’s not all about function. It has been shown that people spend more time in the kitchen, on average than any other room of the house so it pays to make your space feel good and look stylish too! Having bespoke kitchen cabinets and doors fitted to your requirements is the first step in achieving this.

Luckily, our kitchen design team in Dublin are experts at making sure that your space is bright, light and welcoming. We combine a range of materials and styles both traditional to ensure that you get the perfect kitchen for your home.

Why Choose AD Woodcraft?

AD Woodcraft are Irish owned and operated, but not only do we offer fitted kitchens in Dublin and the surrounding counties, but we also provide a first-class service to our customers.

We pride ourselves on customer care so you can rest assured that your needs will be met with individual attention every step of the way.

Give our kitchen specialists a call to discuss your options on 085 127 0371 or email for a quick response.

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