What Are the Advantages of Having Sliding Door Wardrobes

17th September 2019 by in category Blog

Most of us employ the use of a wardrobe to store our favourite clothes and accessories. While there are many designs available, one style in particular has proven to be quite popular. Bespoke fitted wardrobes equipped with sliding doors offer a number of unique benefits which are often not present within more generic options. Space-Saving […]

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The History of Woodworking

28th August 2019 by in category Blog

Whether referring to fitted wardrobes, bespoke chair rails or crown moulding the presence of woodworking can be felt throughout our everyday lives. Skilled artisans have developed talents which require years and even decades to complete and yet, even the most seasoned professionals might not be aware of the intriguing history that surrounds this craft. Let […]

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What are a Handful of Basic Tools Used in Carpentry?

23rd July 2019 by in category Blog

Modern carpenters are both artisans and trained technicians. While some of their skills can be traced back for centuries, many tools have evolved as time goes on. Years of experience are required in order to manipulate these devices effectively and the end results can be truly stunning. Whether referring to creating inframe kitchens, french doors […]

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Custom Furniture You Should Consider For Your Home

17th June 2019 by in category Blog

Custom Furniture Options that Can Have a Massive Impact Within Your Home Professional interior designers are well aware of the fact that bespoke furniture can have a pronounced impact upon the aesthetic appearance of your home. Some of these options are slightly more apparent than others, so we should take a quick look at a […]

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What To Consider Before Adding a Bookcase To Your Home

14th May 2019 by in category Bookcases

Ireland property owners have always enjoyed a hand-in-hand relationship. Not only are these accessories extremely functional, but they can add a unique ambiance to any room. So, what will you need to consider before installing a bookcase? Let us quickly take a look at four concerns which should be addressed in advance. What Will the Bookcase […]

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Ask A Carpenter: Bespoke Bookcases

15th April 2019 by in category Bookcases tagged as , , ,

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a book-lover in possession of a good library must be in want of more shelf space. The same could be said of film buffs, or art enthusiasts, or anyone with a collection to display.

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Considerations For Carpentry Services

20th March 2019 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , ,

If you are looking for carpentry services, there are few things to keep in mind. It is important to note that carpentry is a broad practice and there are different types of carpenters. You should, therefore, find one that suits your needs.

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Ideas For Bespoke Bookcases

21st February 2019 by in category Bookcases tagged as , , , , ,

If you plan on buying bookcases in Ireland, consider buying bespoke. Bookcases are some of the most important pieces of furniture. They are not only functional but also decorative. You can use them to display art pieces and to accentuate the important features of your home. If you are a fan of reading, bookcases give […]

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How To Plan For Bespoke Fitted Furniture

22nd January 2019 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , ,

When buying furniture for your home, it is important to ensure that it fits well with everything else. Every detail should fit naturally to the rest of the room. Choosing the right company, for instance, will help you come up with bespoke wardrobes that will be made with the exact material, shelves or drawers that […]

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Wood Preparations Tips for Winter

18th October 2018 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , ,

The worst enemy of wood is water, and that is why you have to protect and preserve your wood from the season’s damages. Water makes the wood swell, destroys buildings, furniture and makes their useful life shorter.

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