What Are the Advantages of Having Sliding Door Wardrobes

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Custom WardrobesMost of us employ the use of a wardrobe to store our favourite clothes and accessories. While there are many designs available, one style in particular has proven to be quite popular. Bespoke fitted wardrobes equipped with sliding doors offer a number of unique benefits which are often not present within more generic options.

Space-Saving Characteristics

One of the main issues associated with traditional wardrobes is that they tend to employ the use of swinging doors. This can be very problematic if you are dealing with a limited amount of floor space (such as within a smaller bedroom or bathroom).

Sliding doors do not nearly boast as much of a “footprint”, so you can make the most out of the available area without compromising the interior storage capacity.

Adding a Personalised Touch

It is often possible to customise sliding wardrobe doors so that they match the existing decor of your room. Wood, composite materials, lacquer, and glass are a handful of common options.

Mirrored sliding doors are likewise very useful, as they enable you to obtain a head-to-toe view when dressing or experimenting with a specific wardrobe ensemble.

All About Addressing the Needs of the End User

One of the many reasons why the wardrobes provided by AD Woodcraft resonate with customers is the fact that each design is made to order. We can, therefore, accommodate extremely precise dimensions without being forced to sacrifice your unique storage requirements.

The addition of sliding doors augments these advantages; providing you with an unparalleled ability to protect important garments and other fashion accessories. Customised lighting effects, speciality mirrors and numerous types of wood are even more options at your disposal.

If you are hoping to save space without compromising the functionality of a modern wardrobe, be sure to contact one of our specialists so that we can provide you with an in-depth consultation.

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