What are a Handful of Basic Tools Used in Carpentry?

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What are a Handful of Basic Tools Used in Carpentry
Modern carpenters are both artisans and trained technicians. While some of their skills can be traced back for centuries, many tools have evolved as time goes on. Years of experience are required in order to manipulate these devices effectively and the end results can be truly stunning.

Whether referring to creating inframe kitchens, french doors or a bespoke staircase, carpenters are some of the most talented individuals on the planet. What are some of the most common tools of the trade and what is the purpose of each?

Circular Saws

Perhaps the most well-known tool associated with carpentry is the humble circular saw. Able to make quick work out of even the thickest of materials, the majority of projects would be impossible to complete without the cutting power of these mechanised marvels.


Routers are often used to cut grooves and joints into a piece of wood. Router bits come in a nearly endless variety of shapes and sizes, so they can address even the most demanding of tasks. However, the talent of the carpenter will ultimately make all of the difference in the world.

Thickness Planers

Planers will shave a certain amount of wood off of its surface. Thus, they are employed to adjust the thickness of a material before it is put in place. While handheld planers still exist, many modern configurations are powered by batteries or mains electricity.

Tape Measures and Marking Tools

Carpenters are required to make extensive calculations when addressing challenging tasks such as creating custom fitted wardrobes. Not only are tape measures absolutely critical, but other tools such as grease pencils and chalk lines will commonly be seen during a project.

Carpenters may also score specific pieces of wood with a standard retractable razor if they are dealing with a finished surface.

There are literally hundreds of tools associated with carpentry and these are only a few examples. Still, true talent lies within the hands of the user.

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