Delectable Yet Unusual Desk Ideas

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A selection of desk ideas suitable for the home or the office

Unusual desk image by the Everett Collection (via Shutterstock).

When Dunkin’ Donuts ordered a desk, there were few surprises as where they took their design cues from. Image by The Everett Collection (via Shutterstock).

The way you keep your desk, they say, says a lot about our creativity or the way we work. For the more discerning writer or computer user, a desk is more than just a rectangular work space. It is more than its wood veneered glory with drawers on the right hand side and a tray for your computer keyboard.

Courtesy of A.D. Woodcraft, we have chosen a selection of off-the-wall, as well as contemporary, designs of office furniture. Whether for the spare bedroom, an alcove or the CEO’s office, prepare to be dazzled by this selection of desks.

Unusual Office Desks

From The Funniest Place website is a selection of bizarre desk ideas, including rounded corners and Antoni Gaudi style curves.

Modern Home Office Ideas

From the Furniture Fashion website, we have under the above banner a plethora of modern desks. One example is the sumptuous X10, created by Dorigo Design.

The Wooton Desk

A design classic, the Wooton was the last word in Victorian desk design. With a tip-up table and doors housing files, documents, and envelopes, it was a magnificent solution for – what is in today’s terms – the Small Office Home Office environment. Will it work for today’s office environments? It’ll happily support a laptop or tablet, as well as having space for your paperwork. As for writers… wow!

Still not convinced? See the YouTube clip below.


We hope you have enjoyed this selection of home and office furniture. If any of the designs have inspired you, why not put us to the test?

A.D. Woodcraft, 14 July 2017.

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