Why Go for Bespoke Furniture Design?

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The merits of bespoke furniture design over off-the-peg design

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How many times have you bought a bookshelf, table, entertainment unit, or a chest of drawers, yet found yourself disappointed with the product? What if the product you bought happened to be inefficient on space or fell apart after five years? Though off-the-peg furniture may suit some households, bespoke furniture design is, ultimately a better option.

Here’s why we think bespoke furniture design pays dividends in the long term.

No missing screws

One of the biggest advantages of assembled furniture – bespoke as well as off-the-shelf – is all the grunt work has already been done. In other words, no panic over missing parts or the dexterity required for some of the fiddly bits. A massive plus.

Designed for your home

The most obvious benefit of bespoke furniture over off-the-peg design is it is unique to your home. This makes your bookshelf, wardrobe, kitchen units, or the like, making best use of the space.

Built to last

With bespoke furniture clearly built to last, this can be a cheaper long term option. Well designed furniture can last for several years. Centuries even. We at A.D. Woodcraft that everything should be built to last and properly designed, whether you’re a bibliophile or a whizz with the egg whisk.

Designed for your lifestyle

As well as being designed around your home, bespoke furniture can better suit your lifestyle than off-the-shelf designs. If you need to find your clothes in a rush, a walk-in wardrobe may suffice. If you have a workshop which needs extra storage, we can find intelligent ways to store your tools, wood, and add a workbench.

An endless choice of design ideas

With bespoke furniture design, you can be creative. We at A.D. Woodcraft can work with traditional and futuristic styles. Whether your style of bedroom is inspired by Downton Abbey or Star Trek, anything is possible. Do you have an open plan room or an alcove? Test us! Challenge us!

Better still, why not chat to us on 00 353 85 127 0371 or send us an email via info@adwoodcraft.com? Austin and his team will be happy to bounce off a few ideas and give you a free no-obligation quote.

A.D. Woodcraft, 11 May 2017.

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