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Is your kitchen in the frame for an inframe kitchen?

Inframe Kitchen

Are you looking for inframe kitchen services? A.D. Woodcraft are Dublin’s experts when it comes to kitchen remodelling, with everything designed to meet your bespoke requirements. Having been in business since 2011, we take time to understand your needs and offer a full carpentry service. We work with many domestic and commercial clients who choose us for our reliable, friendly service and technical expertise.

What is an Inframe Kitchen?

When you fit a door with self-assembly kitchen units (for example, a flat pack kitchen from a chain store), the hinges for the doors are screwed into the actual chipboard itself. This could lead to problems later on with the door’s weight weakening the bond or the door dropping out of sync.

With inframe kitchens, this is a problem you don’t have to live with. The doors sit within a frame instead of being placed on top of a frame. This makes the cupboard doors, and the kitchen units as a whole, much more structurally sound.

Bespoke designs too

We at A.D. Woodcraft believe that no two kitchens, nor any two households, are the same. Some people prefer modern styles; others, traditional styles. Some have kitchens big enough for entertaining guests; others have kitchens the size of a small car, little more than brewing-up areas.

Whatever your requirements, everything is done to make the best use of space in your kitchen. An inframe kitchen by our company will be more than a five-year wonder. It will be designed to last for a lifetime.

For more information on our in frame kitchens, why not give us a call on 00 353 85 127 0371? Or send us an email to We will be delighted to help you and offer a free no-obligation quote.

A.D. Woodcraft, 09 December 2016.

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