How Alcove TV Cabinets Enhance Your Living Room

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Despite the fact that TV’s are getting smaller – they are still a challenge to fit into a room. Depending on how big your room is and how much you are struggling for space an alcove TV cabinet could be the perfect solution. Most alcove TV cabinets also offer built in storage solutions so they are useful for storing set top boxes and DVDs.

What Is An Alcove TV Cabinet?

This type of TV cabinet either utilises an existing alcove or creates one for your TV. If an existing one is utilised then we will build the cabinet into the natural alcove of the room. This gives you a great opportunity to use space that you did not previously think accessible. If you have an alcove made, your we will potentially build into a wall to create an alcove for the TV cabinet. Our highly skilled carpenters will ensure we find a solution for you that works in your desired room.

What To Look For In A Carpenter

Our carpenters in Dublin are fully experienced and knowledgable in their craft. Because having a cabinet built into a natural alcove or wall is such a big job you need to pick someone who is skilled and professional. There are a few things we can do to put your mind at rest before you have such a big job undertaken in your home.

Show you our previous work

Most good carpenters will have their work showcased on their website. We can show you our previous work similar to your project. As a highly praised service we can also point you towards reviews from previous customers who have been happy with their fitting. Our carpenters will also communicate with you at every stage and give you the opportunity to request changes or ask questions about the work being carried out.

Suggest only the most suitable, quality materials

As our service is so professional we will never suggest materials that are unsuitable for your home or budget. Although some carpenters will happily suggest materials that will not suit your home so that they can charge a higher fee we will not do this. Our ultimate goal is to build you a safe, stylish product that lasts you for years to come.

Things To Consider Before You Have An Alcove Cabinet Built

You will need to make a few considerations before you have your TV cabinet built. These are things like:

– How big your TV is (you would be surprised how many people forget to check this)
– How long your chosen material will last you
– What the disruption to your daily routine will be like during the building process
– If any alterations need to be made to your existing wall that are outside of the carpenters skill set
– If you want extra storage or just storage for a TV

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