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How A.D. Woodcraft will add space to your alcove

How an alcove is used for TV cabinets (image by A.D. Woodcraft, Dublin).

Alcove Agonies Answered: let A.D. Woodcraft remodel your living room.

Space is at a premium in many homes these days. Modern day homes are smaller as builders try to squeeze as many dwellings on a single site. Therefore, each nook and cranny has to be used intelligently. Such as the space on either side of your fireplace; each alcove can become bookcases. The space underneath your staircase is another example.

At A.D. Woodcraft, Austin and the rest of our master carpenters can help you to maximise the space in your home. The intelligent use of an alcove frees up space in other parts of your home (say goodbye to ill-fitting shelves and units). We at A.D. Woodcraft can turn their craft towards the following:

  • Fitted bookcases and shelving units;
  • Bespoke TV cabinets;
  • Floating shelves;
  • Sideboards.

The alcove space on either side of the fireplace is perfect for storing books, audio equipment, and ornaments. Being custom built, they offer a more stable alternative to freestanding bookcases which may be flimsy or ill-fitting. For your television set, games consoles and other entertainment devices, a bespoke TV cabinet will solve your storage woes.

With our alcove alchemy, A.D. Woodcraft are able to take care of the little things. For example, floating shelves in the lounge or your home office. Likewise with sideboards in the utility room.

What’s more, we offer a wide range of styles that best suit the surroundings of your home. Whether you prefer traditional to modern or vice versa, the alcove answer goes beyond a simple Yes or No one. You may prefer to use reclaimed wood or prefer a resilient hardwood.

As every A.D. Woodcraft project is a bespoke one, Austin and our team will offer you an initial consultation where we can discuss your requirements. Following on from that, we shall give you a no-obligation quote.

The solution to your alcove angst could be cured by ringing us on 00 353 85 127 0371, or by sending us an email to We are happy to be of service, and aim to respond to your calls as soon as possible.

A.D. Woodcraft, 14 October 2016.

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