The Finery of Fitted Wardrobes

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Why fitted wardrobes strike a blow for ill-fitting shop-bought designs
Fitted Wardrobes Dublin

Shop-bought wardrobes may be a cheap and cheerful option, but they soon have their limitations. Hours after assembling the thing (unless fully fitted or assembled), you find there’s too much or too little space for your clothes. The space in your bedroom isn’t used to its full potential. This is where fitted wardrobes offer a more efficient solution.


Fitted wardrobes offer greater durability over ‘bog standard’ free standing ones. Unless mounted to your bedroom walls, standard wardrobes have a risk of falling over. Therefore, ‘you get what you pay for’ is the watchword. Depending on how much you have paid for the product, it could last two years or forty years.


Fitted wardrobes can work around the smallest or largest of spaces. Awkward spaces can be used to fit smaller items like shoes, boots, or accessories. Sliding doors could be used instead of conventional doors to save space. If desired, they can run the whole length of a wall, or be tall enough to reach the ceiling.

Whether you wish to have your fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom or opt for walk-in wardrobes, we can make that possible. The possibilities are endless.


Forget incongruous styles, we at A.D. Woodcraft frown at piecemeal design with a passion. Our fitted wardrobes could form part of an integrated storage system for your clothes. Whether for elderly couples or children’s bedrooms, we are up to the challenge.

We offer a wide range of designs, all of which to your taste. From traditional styles to high-tech looks, we can work to a design which suits your taste and your budget.

Your wardrobe, your way

All our work is fully guaranteed, with everything from design to space usage based around your needs. As no two houses are exactly the same, there’s no reason why wardrobes shouldn’t be as unique. Whether your favoured style is influenced by steampunk or futuristic leanings, we can help. Sliding doors or LED lighting? No problem.

There is no worse thing in your bedroom than ill-fitting furniture. It gets us in a bad mood if we cannot find our clothes en route to work. Tidiness is more problematic. Any sense of order is lost.

All of the above is why A.D. Woodcraft are passionate about fitted wardrobes. Once you’ve opted for a custom-built fitted version, you wouldn’t want to go back.

For a free no-obligation quote, why not give our furniture specialists a call on 085 127 0371? We are happy to assist with any enquiries.

A.D. Woodcraft, 04 November 2016.

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