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How French polishing enhances your furniture

There is no finer form of polishing process than that of French polishing. It adds gloss to fine wooden furniture and musical instruments. Nothing adds a touch of class more than a beautifully finished piece of furniture. We at A.D. Woodcraft offer French polishing services, adding some sheen to your furniture, from telephone table to dining room chairs.

AD Woodcraft offer the best quality finishing services on all types of wooden furniture. We have put together this handy infographic (below) which focuses on some general facts on french polishing. Some of which are commonly known and others which may not be. With regular treatments by our team of highly trained carpenters, you can really make your wooden furniture stand out with a beautiful finish that really catches the eye.

French polishing results in a high gloss surface which is deep in colour and chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is the effect from the fibrous structure of any material, which resembles a cat’s eye. (Hence the phrase being derived from ‘chat’, the French spelling of cat).

Polishing requires a specific combination of rubbing motions – either in circular or figure eight formations. A lot of patience is required due to its precise nature and drying times. Subsequent coats of polish can only be added once the previous application has fully dried.

Polish is applied by means of a ‘fad’. A fad is a pumice stone wrapped with a cloth which is lubricated with oil which adds to the overall finish. Its first application is made with a thinned coat of shellac. Then, a thicker application of shellac is applied with small amounts of superfine pumice.

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French Polishing Services

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