Inframe Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

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Why small spaces should be no excuse for compromising on style and class for an inframe kitchen

Inframe Kitchen example. Image by Photographee.EU (via Shutterstock).

Inframe Kitchen example. Image by Photographee.EU (via Shutterstock).

Inframe kitchens should be more than a place to show off your cookery skills. With a dining area, it is a good place for dinner parties or lazy breakfast times. Their traditional style and manufacturing process offers a sense of permanence. They are clearly built to last.

In the brochures or on countless websites, the inframe kitchen designs you see are spacious. They are designed for entertaining guests as well as microwaving ready meals. What if the kitchen you have only has space for the latter?

For the smallest of kitchen spaces, the inframe kitchen comes into its own. With, for example, a horseshoe layout, like a galley. The intelligent use of eye level cupboard space also helps matters. Entertaining friends and family, or microwaving your cheeseburgers are possible.

Take a look at the kitchen seen in a Manhattan apartment, featured on the Elle Decor website. See how well the wall space is used. Its efficient use of space is the equal of a yacht or a luxurious caravan. Another source of inspiration for bijou kitchens is the House Beautiful website. Among their 25 examples in this article is an inframe kitchen with librarian style ladders.

To add a sense of airiness and spaciousness to your bijou kitchen, consider the use of mirrors, tiles, and bright colours in your design. In addition to making your kitchen look bigger, it adds extra light to your working space.

If you wish to save more space in your small kitchen, we at A.D. Woodcraft can look at suitable appliances, and other space saving solutions. For example: slimline larders for canned food; shelving between the worktops and cupboards. As always, done your way, and making the best use of precious space.

A.D. Woodcraft, 06 September 2017.

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