Living room layout: Where to put bookcases in your living room

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Custom BookcasesPieces of furniture with shelves; mostly cabinet used to store books and other printed things can pose a challenge in achieving that façade, especially in private homes. Bookcases or bookshelves, on the other hand, can be small like the height of a table, or high up to the ceiling. The shelves can be permanently fixed or adjustable all depending on the owner’s interests. Glass doors can also be fitted on the shelves to prevent the books from falling or not all at the same time creating an attractive appeal. Some of the places to put bookcases include;

  • Behind the sofa
  • Around the TV and the fireplace
  • On the wall
  • Around the door

Behind the sofa

This forms one of the best spots to place your bookshelves, some people, however, are a bit relenting to this idea, on the premise of, or have rules about living room layout, for example, putting a piece of furniture behind another piece is a bad idea. They call this double parking. I think putting a bookcase behind the sofa is stylish because it creates a pleasant and cosy nook. Tall bookshelves preferably reaching the ceiling would be the best idea and, it would set a dramatic tone.

Around the TV and the fireplace

Built-in bookshelves can be placed around TV or the fireplace to make the most of the living room wall. This room layout is classy, simple, and beautiful and the fireplace, TV plus bookshelves look is pleasing to the eye. These fireplace designs are known to be stylish and a perfect place for bookshelves although some people may worry about books around a fireplace.

On the wall

The climbing walls bookshelves are among the most stylish living room design ideas for nerds. This design looks like a staircase decorated with books, and it provides a unique design. These walls mounted with shelves plus a reading chair make a beautiful corner. They make a beautiful gallery wall, charming to say the least and that all book lovers would enjoy taking a look at. The wall is a good choice for people with many books as it can incorporate lots of books creating something like a book wall. The bookshelves can reach up to the ceiling from the floor to contain as many books as possible.

Around the door

This layout sounds like a bad idea, but it is not. The shelves are placed around the entrance area in the living room, and they can be fitted with glass panes to protect the books from dust or falling. This idea helps optimise space especially to those people with small living room areas. The structure creates a unique and exciting design around the door, and you can display the books in a random and jumbled way to add some sense of style.

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