Unusual Bookcase Design Ideas

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Bookcase design ideas that will inspire your room

Unusual bookcase design ideas image by BsWei (via Shutterstock).

Unusual bookcase design ideas image by BsWei (via Shutterstock).

You could nip to the nearest branch of IKEA or Argos for an ill-fitting bookcase, or you could go for a bespoke one by A.D. Woodcraft. What if your idea of bespoke is different to the norm? To inspire you (and give our fellows at A.D. Woodcraft a test), we have looked at these design ideas.

33 Creative Bookshelf Designs

This post from BoredPanda.com is a neat visual reference. Some of the 33 bookcase designs range from slightly conservative yet innovative designs to the downright surreal. There’s even cat friendly bookcases.

How to Build a Biblio Chair

Bibliophile couch potatoes, this could be a useful addition to your home. If you’ve had enough television for the night, your copy of Ulysses could be an armrest away.

Pallet Bookcases and Pallet Bookshelves

Used pallets for DIYers are the gift that keep on giving, and this is recognised on the 1001 Pallets website. They can be repurposed for indoor and outdoor use. In the home, bookcases are a popular use. This website is an excellent reference point for turning pallets into innovative furniture.

30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

This article from 2008, like the BoredPanda.com entry, has a number of esoteric designs. These include folding bookcases, and a ceiling bookcase. Another change from Billy and Co.

25 Creative Bookshelves ideas

In this video clip, we look at 25 unique bookshelves. We also see how a gutted portable TV can be used as a small bookcase.


If you have been inspired by any of the designs within this post, why not put us to the test? We at AD Woodcraft believe the only limits are your imagination. For further information on our bespoke bookcases, why not talk to us on 00 353 85 127 0371, or send us an email via info@adwoodcraft.com. We will be happy to hear from you.

A.D. Woodcraft, 24 April 2017.

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