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How Austin aids avid viewing thanks to custom built entertainment units


After a hard day’s work, among the first things we like to do is sit in front of the television. Instead of what RTE or Sky throws at us each time, we might want to catch up on the latest instalment of Game of Thrones. Or play video games. Though smartphones and tablets have become popular devices for our entertainment needs, no living room is complete without a good sized television. Unless you hang your TV over the fireplace, there is no substitute for well designed entertainment units.

AV the AD way

Though internet streaming has risen in popularity, there is still a need for entertainment units for keeping everything tidy. If you have a videogames console, you need somewhere to place your software and control pads. You need space for charging your smaller devices. If you have an extensive collection of DVD or Bluray discs, or compact discs, our entertainment units can keep them in order.

Here at AD Woodcraft, we are able to accommodate the most casual of viewers as well as avid gamers. Whether your choice of entertainment units are modern and glossy, or traditional and refined, we can build one according to your needs. Even something like the Tetris one seen below.

Tetris entertainment units

The only limit is your imagination: you could have Tetris entertainment units, as seen in this image by Dan Design 86 (via Shutterstock).

Let your imagination fly

Our custom built entertainment units are suitable for any room in the house. They could be useful for a teenager’s bedroom as well as the living room. We can consider any theme – put us to the test if you ask for a free no-obligation quote from us. Call us on 085 127 0371 or email us via info@adwoodcraft.com. Switched on? We most definitely are!

AD Woodcraft, 05 May 2017.

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