In Video: French Polishing Techniques

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A look at some demonstrations of French Polishing techniques and other clips associated with the art itself

French Polishing Dublin

The art of French polishing, as seen in video form.

French polishing is a fine art which demands meticulous attention to detail and patience. It is best left to the professionals. Today, we at A.D. Woodcraft would like to share with you a few video clips on the process. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.
1. How to make a fad and rubber

Our first clip looks at how to make a fad and a rubber. Without this, French polishing would be impossible. It is the oldest tool in the French polisher’s toolkit.
2. Beeswax Furniture Polish – How to get the best results

In this clip by Gilboy’s Ltd, we look at how their beeswax polish can enhance your furniture – with reference to proper polishing techniques. Their polish is made from the beeswax of Buckfast Abbey’s beehives.
3. French polishing a ukulele

In Stephen McLean’s series of clips on making a concert ukulele, the sixteenth part focuses on the French polishing process.
4. French Polishing – before & after by Paleamber

We cannot resist a good Before and After clip, and Paleamber’s film is no exception. They also decry how such good furniture could be taken to the scrapheap.

A.D. Woodcraft, 23 May 2017.

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