The Benefits of Radiator Covers

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What is a Radiator Cover?

A radiator cover is also known as a radiator cabinet. It is a structure that is mostly made of wood, and it is usually fixed around a heater or radiator to conceal it. This article will help you understand the benefits of using radiator covers.

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What are the Benefits of Radiator Covers?

There is a lot of information about radiator covers. You would wonder whether radiator covers are efficient, if they can improve or hinder convection and conduction if you add them to your room. Mostly, radiator covers are viewed as energy efficiency tools and design elements to your room. However, apart from these, they also have other benefits such as:

  • Child Protection – this is one of the top benefits of a radiator cover especially if you do have kids. With children running around in your home, the heat from radiators can be quite dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. Many people tend to avoid this by replacing their radiators with other radiators that have a low surface temperature but in the long run, installing this type of radiators can be a long and hectic process.

Instead of that, why not try a radiator cover which is cheaper and gives more security when it accidents. It is designed in a way that it can prevent burn injuries that can be caused by heat from the radiator. In a way, they limit the access to a radiator. Some are designed in a way that they only allow access to the radiator through a pane at the front making it easier for you to use the radiator without fully exposing it. Radiator covers can also be used to conceal electric sockets hiding them from children’s playful hands.

  • Provides Extra Shelf Space – many radiator covers come in a cabinet design thus they give you more shelf space. Although you can’t precisely store or place things in the cover cabinets, there is a big space on top of them where you can put whatever you want like family photos or even room decorations. A radiator cover is more of a multipurpose piece of furniture that is entirely functional and decorative at the same time.
  • Energy saving and efficiency – radiator covers are the best when it comes to energy efficiency. As long as the covers have sufficient backing, they will definitely distribute heat evenly in your home. For this to be effective, the radiator cover should have ventilation gaps that are evenly spaced meaning that the heat from the radiator won’t be blocked. Apart from that it also gives a certain style aspect to your room. The heat that has been let into the radiator covers is then released slowly via those gaps, into the front panel thus your house stays warmer for a long time yet the energy used is less.
  • Decorative Feature – as pre-mentioned, radiator covers give your home a specific design aspect. You can add a radiator cover to your hallway giving it a non-monotonous look since most hallways are filled with mirrors or pictures. This is made possible by the fantastic patterns available allowing coordination between your decor and this new addition.

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